Do you want to have a guaranteed monthly revenue stream whether your patients come in or not?

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Do you want a way to keep the patients in your practice and not have them looking for other offices down the street?

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Do you want to be able to offer patients an alternative to insurance?

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Do you want to offer patients a benefit plan that is created by you?

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Do you want a savings plan for your office that the staff does not have to manage in a 3 ring binder?

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Eliminate insurance stresses and frustrations
Decrease your reliance on managed care plans
Answers the question "I don't have insurance so I think I will wait”
No paperwork for you or your staff
Semi-custom website built for you for you to market to your patients and an administrative site for you and your staff
Administrative site
Credit card processing done for you
Patient tracking
Software/technical support
Turnkey system
FAQ page
Patient will pay in full at the time of service for their treatment. No waiting for any balance due.
This plan pre-pays for your exam, 2 cleanings and radiographs in your office with the initial sign up fee and monthly payment*.
Simplify marketing and advertising
Market to local employers that currently do not provide dental benefits in your area
Makes your practice stand out from your competition
Marketing materials for you to use
Reduce practice overhead with a passive income stream
Increase your case expectance
Retain patients for life
Attraction tool for new patients
Allow you to keep total control of your fees
Have the freedom to raise your fees and it will not affect the plan
Cancellation fee built into the plan to assure appointment are not missed and your schedule remains full.
Monthly payment checks
Nothing is given away for free so you don't have any "lost leader" in the hygiene department.
Our Mission

A solution to help dental practices thrive and grow. It's the opportunity for them to help their clients pay, stay, and refer to their practice. It is a streamlined in-office savings program for simple implementation by staff that helps solve financial concerns of patients without insurance plans. Patients sign up for an annually renewed savings plan with affordable monthly premiums that allows them to save on services from the practice while generating a steady stream of cash flow into the business through monthly membership fees.

"This plan has helped my patients get the treatment they needed in which they wouldn't have otherwise."

Dr. Tim C.

Quality is our best business plan...- ELM Savings Plan

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