Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center. Here you will find a collection of tutorials that demonstrate the management of various aspects of your Elm Savings Plan microsite as well as the CardPointe Backoffice System of your merchant account.

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Your Elm Savings Plan Microsite

How do I Login?


How do I manage my fee schedule?



CardPointe Backoffice System

Introduction to the CardPointe Virtual Terminal Backoffice


Setting Up Users

To get to the User creation page, Click Administration in the man nav bar, then click the “Users” tab.


Administration Tab Dashboard and Email notifications


Virtual Terminal, processing cards manually, printing & emailing receipts


Setting Virtual Terminal Transaction Limits


Virtual Terminal Customization CVV Required or not, Refund Reason on off or required or not


Customizing Reporting Tab Columns, Downloading Custom reports, Reviewing batches


Searching transactions, Voiding same day transactions


Processing partial or full refunds, reviewing transaction details


Batching your Virtual Terminal system


Reviewing transactions processed by individual users


Getting Support for your CardPointe Virtual Terminal Backoffice